Friday, October 20, 2006

A timely conversation, given yesterday's post (alternate title: shyness rewarded)

Julia: "Ashley and I ran an errand for our music teacher today."

Me: "That's nice. How did you end up doing that?"

Julia: "She asked who wanted to go."

Me: (surprised) "And you... raised your hand?"

Julia: "No. A bunch of kids raised their hands, and that's how Ashley got picked. But then the teacher suggested I might like to go with her."

Me: "Did you want to go?"

Julia: "Yeah. I just didn't want to raise my hand."

Me: "Well, I think it's nice that she picked you. Do you think maybe you were being good in class and she wanted to recognize that?"

Julia: "Maybe. Being good here seems to mean being quiet. And I'm very good at being quiet in school."


Blogger Rosemary said...

How awful though to learn that being good means being quiet! Surely the english boys at prep schools are quite rambunctious amongst themselves? (I have no clue about English girls -- and only an image of boys from books and articles.) Maybe this is just a reserved front for adults -- and who know what's really going on in their little heads???

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Kari said...

Didn't I mention the other day about how impressionable kids can be. See how she's picked up on it already!! It has always amazed me how different of a child Julia can be with adults than with other kids. Aidan's teachers always tell me what a wonderful, well-behaved child he is. I guess they don't see the tantrum that almost always occurs once we walk out the front door!!

1:12 AM  

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