Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Note to self

When they say "always carry an umbrella in London," they actually do mean always carry an umbrella. They most definitely do not mean "always carry an umbrella unless you are just running out to pick your daughter up at school on a beautiful sunny day."

I trust it is not necessary to elaborate any further.


Blogger Steph said...

Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Also sounds like Florida sun showers... Hope you all didn't get too drenched!

6:35 PM  
Blogger Liesl said...

And there go those nicely ironed pleats...

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liesl said what I was much for the ironing!

9:53 PM  
Blogger Rosemary said...

-- except, I'll bet it didn't *feel* like Florida sun showers!

Oh, yeah, there is NO reuse of previous day's ironing. None. (experienced private school mom)

4:15 PM  

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